Enugu Burns as #EndSARS Protest Takes a Violent Turn

What began as a peaceful protest some days back in Enugu the coal city state, today degenerated into violent protest in which properties were destroyed and people injured.
The thick black smoke from burning tires could be seen rising the skies from every corner of the Coal City.
It was reported that the protest was gathering momentum in Abakpa Nike. It was not long before another group gathered In New Market, blocking the dual axis of the Enugu-Onitsha Express Way, the major route that leads to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) Enugu Office, burning tires and chanting war songs. Emene, Otigba Junction, Ugbo-Odogwu, Aguabo etc. all witnessed the hit of today’s event.

At New Market Enugu, the obviously enraged youths hindered both traders and students from going home as the protest began midday.

It wasn’t long before the protest further degenerated into vandalization. Nipcco Filling Station was stripped of its wooden and zinc fencing. The protesters also pulled irons from the station’s metal framework.

Peace Mass Transit Bus commuting from Enugu to Nsukka was badly damaged as its glasses were shattered and some passengers injured.

It was a pathetic sight to see these poor innocent ones suffer for the failure of the leaders.

Cars had there glasses smashed while an unfortunate tricyclist had one of his tyres punctured.

Gunshots were incessantly fired into the air by men of defunct SARS to ward off the advancing protesters.

People and vehicles were forced to carry green leaves to show support or risk being hurt or damaged

The protest was advancing to SARS office before the protesters were dispersed by the Police, giving those trapped inside the Market opportunity to find there ways home.

Watch Videos here:

Nevertheless, majority had to trek long distances as there were no vehicle available.

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