COVID-19 Update

Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu States Record New Covid-19 Cases

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Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu States have confirmed new cases of Covid-19. According to the most recent update from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) dated May 13, 2020, each of the states confirmed 1 new Covid-19 case.

Recently, the number of cases is constantly on the rise in the Eastern States. The new case confirmed in Anambra State brings the state’s Covid-19 tally to 2 with 1 recovery, 1 active and no death; while Enugu State now has a total of 12 confirmed case of which 10 are still activate, 2 discharged and no death. Ebonyi State, has 9 active cases with no recovery and no death yet recorded.

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This most recent NCDC Covid-19 update also revealed that Nigeria  recorded 184 new cases bringing the country’s tally to 4,971. The new cases are recorded from 22 states including the FCT, Abuja. Also new  recoveries and new deaths were recorded, bringing the numbers to 1,070 and 164 respectively.

The following states are involved in the new cases reported by NCDC
Lagos State 51
Jigawa State 23
Bauchi State 16
Katsina State 16
Kano State 14
FCT 10
1Rivers State 10
Kwara State 9
Delta State 5
Kaduna State 5
Sokoto State 4
Oyo State 4
Kebbi State 3
Nasarawa State 3
Osun State 3
Ondo State 2
Ebonyi State 1
Edo State 1
Enugu State 1
Anambra State 1
Plateau State 1
Niger State 1

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In case of any suspected case of Covid-19, please call any of these numbers:
08182555550, 09022333833 (Enugu State), or the NCDC on 080097000010

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